Anna Rutkowska is a talented percussionist and marimbas player who is constantly expanding her horizons. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow, she develops her career path as a soloist and chamber musician. As a laureate of the 12th International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music in Krakow, she became very interested in contemporary percussion music, especially that written and performed on the marimba. In 2009, she graduated with honours in instrumental studies from the Academy of Music in Krakow in the class of prof. Jan Pilch. In 2017, thanks to the dissertation fri "The influence of Japanese culture, tradition and art on contemporary marimba literature by Japanese composers Keiko Abe, Minoru Miki, and Akira Miyoshi", Anna obtained a PhD degree at the Academy of Music in Krakow. She presented the results of her research on marimba music several times during conferences in Poland and abroad, e.g. Doctors in Performance in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2018 or Tallinn (Estonia) in 2021.

The drummer took part in numerous percussion and marimba masterclasses, working under the supervision of outstanding personalities such as: Keiko Abe sensei (Japan), Marta Klimasara (Poland/Germany), Theodor Milkov (Greece/Russia), Peter Prommel (Netherlands), Mitch Markovich (United States), William Moersch (United States), Jean Geoffroy (France), Gordon Stout (United States). She is often invited to conduct marimba and percussion workshops. He works as a teacher at his home school - the State Music School Complex. Ludomir Różycki in Kielce, and at the Music School 1st degree Krzysztof Penderecki in Busko-Zdrój. Her classes include winners of national and international percussion competitions.

The artist has performed at many festivals in Europe, including: "Warsaw Autumn" (Warsaw), "Sources and Inspirations" (Kraków), "Festival of Krakow Composers" (Kraków), Audio Art" (Kraków), "Musica Moderna" (Lodz), Crossdrumming (Warsaw), Beethovenfest (Bonn, Germany), "Agora Actual Percussio"" (Javea, Spain), "Kalima" (Lausanne, Switzerland), "Uitgast" (Lelystad, the Netherlands), "Poznań Musical Spring" (Poznań). He has numerous percussion and marimba concerts to his credit. In addition, her artistic output includes world premieres of Japanese and American marimba music. Anna Rutkowska has collaborated with chamber ensembles focusing on percussion music: Mallet Collective Amsterdam (Netherlands), Rhythmic Ethnic (Poland), Amadrums (Poland), siXen (Poland). She is also present in the circle of popular and alternative music, performing in the formations "Naga Drums", "Anka Ujma Quartet".

Anna is still looking for new "shades" of marimba sound by performing pieces for mixed ensembles, e.g. marimba, soprano and piano, or a duet of prepared marimba. He also develops his musical sensitivity as an orchestra musician.

Marimbist is active in the marimba duo Dalbergia Duo (Poland), which she co-creates with Dr. Julianna Siedler-Smuga. The band was founded in 2017 and has given numerous concerts and lectures on marimba music around the world and in Poland. In recent years, Dalbergia has won laurels, including:

VI International Music Competition for Music Teachers (Poland) – 1st prize in the category of chamber music, and 2nd prize in the same category at the North International Music Competition (Sweden), as well as at the International Internet Music Competition IMKA in Sarajevo.

Anna's latest venture is a duet resulting from the combination of the world of contemporary music, jazz and performance with the outstanding saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Włodzimierz KINIOR Kiniorski, operating under the name "Ceremony".

Classic sensitivity to music together with the fiery temperament of Mrs. Anna make an unusual combination, which is felt during each percussionist's performance. The repertoire presented by her is a wide range of music genres and styles: from solo works, through ensemble work, ending with concerts with an orchestra. In addition, as befits a drummer, Anna Rutkowska is also interested in world music, draws from the heritage of many cultures, developing her skills also in the drumming category.